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Originally Posted by INTEGRA Works Lighting View Post
My goodness, looks like someone went on a shopping trip to China! Now where have I seen every single one of those fixtures before? hmmmmm? oh ya, at any of about a dozen different "Manufacturer's" websites!

James, I have several LED's that I have from long ago and they have the exact same casting that your products have, down to to the die stamped symbols on the top cover plate. However the internal components are different and they perform differently. It's hard to distinguish unless each product is actually bought and tested. In the end, I think we all agree it is preferable to create your own mold designs to help the buyer dishtinguish and also in the spirit of uniqueness. However when first starting it often makes sense to use and existing and just improve the components, functionality and quality. The when you build traction invest in the new casting.
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