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Originally Posted by Gr1ffin View Post
James, I have several LED's that I have from long ago and they have the exact same casting that your products have, down to to the die stamped symbols on the top cover plate. However the internal components are different and they perform differently. It's hard to distinguish unless each product is actually bought and tested. In the end, I think we all agree it is preferable to create your own mold designs to help the buyer dishtinguish and also in the spirit of uniqueness. However when first starting it often makes sense to use and existing and just improve the components, functionality and quality. The when you build traction invest in the new casting.
Alan. There are good reasons that we use the heat sink, collimators (lenses), base, and LED chips that we do. Each component used in the lamp is the best on the market for that task. The heat sink has over 300% more surface area than the popular cast aluminum versions. The collimators are name brand and the best optical quality in the market. The LED chips are Cree XR-E, top performers and leading the industry. The super unique quality in the lamp is the proprietary driver. This is unlike any other driver I have seen in the market. It truly is the engine of the lamp. I could not see any value in spending money trying to re-create or improve upon already excellent components.

There are many industries that use quality generic components in their products, it is not an uncommon manufacturing methodology. Electronics, Appliances, Autos, etc etc. It only makes sense to do so.
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