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Forums are so funny sometimes. I'm off of here play'n in the snow a few days and everybody forgets these are construction pictures at about the 25% mark. NO, the flats will no be used as seen. My understanding is the client is wanting nice sheets of water vs natural. Once that definition is clarified, we'll finish that area. Worst case, we use them but incorporated with stones to either side. Its 4" flagstone. Otherwise, we'll find a thin PA stepper to set in place.

That excavator is nice. I was surprised what it would lift. One boulder was about 4,000 lbs and we strapped and set it in place. I couldn't reach all the way out, obviously, but I'd say 8'.

Mr. DVS, I'll be plowing no more than a foot at once. I don't know about you Maryland people but we clear the roads during the storm, not after. I did clear my sisters driveway with that last big storm we got and it was about 2'. The truck pushed well and I was empty. Her house is #5 in the neighborhood and the street is always wide open, clean and her driveway haha. The neighbors probably wonder what the heck about the special treatment.
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