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Oh Lord. Someone dredged up this old thread? Hehe.

It got even better later - I forgot to tell you all.

The employee who peed was fired, obviously. And so he went to the State to see unemployment benefits. And they call me asking why he was fired. I said he was peeing in the street right in front of a few customers homes - and right in front of a lady who wasn't yet a client.

So they deny his benefits.

So he appeals.

We have a phone trial conference call thing. And the judge just treats him very harshly. She berated him even for his stupidity. So after the appeal trial I am thinking, "Ha!!! Take that sucker! She told you off! You're gonna get what you deserve!" She said she'd mail us her decision.

A week later I get her decision in the mail - HE WINS THE APPEAL! I couldn't freaking believe it. Something about because it was an "isolated instance of mis-judgement."

I was floored. I couldn't believe it. Well, that's government for you. And that's where our tax dollars are going.
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