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Originally Posted by DoetschOutdoor View Post
Ahhh, you can go ahead and paint just put some lil heaters in your trailer or get your shop nice and'll take more time than you think to get it ready if you take your time and plan it out like you want. Bedliner the floor and good exterior paint on the walls, and go from there.

Where did you go to get the Lark trailer? What in particular did you notice that you didnt care for? How much did this trailer run ya?
I thought about getting a few space heaters to warm it up. Instead of a bed liner I am going to paint the floor grey and mix some sand in the paint so when it gets wet the floor isn't slippery.

I went to this place RAW in NJ. For starters the diamond plate did not bend around the front of the trailer like this one does. Also when I looked inside up at the roof you could see all the screws holding it down. The side door had a serious amount of silicon around it which ran a bit. I then looked at another trailer there and noticed it had rust coming from it.

With everything I wanted like 2 extra spare tires, a foot plate , pintle hook, a regular coupler to use with my tahoe, a rack em back back blower rack and NJ sales tax it ran me $6500.

Originally Posted by luis@NJ View Post
Around wat towns do u work? i think your close by.
I am primarily out of Wayne, but I do some work in Clifton as well as other surrounding areas.
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