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Here's a better shot of that 12" x 12" fuel door located above the fender on the side of the trailer that some of you emailed me and wanted to see. It can save alot of time with unloading and reloading at times.

Another thing. Whenever you order an enclosed trailer I would strongly reccommend getting an extended tongue. Standard is 4' extended is 5'. If you ever pull with a stake body dump, or truck that has a bed that sticks out over the back, you WILL jack knife and damage the corners on an enclosed trailer. may not if you're really careful, but your guys might. And let me tell you that skin on enclosed trailers is not cheap to fix. That extra foot will aleviate this problem, and for an extra $40.00 on the order its well worth it. I'm 99% sure that all manufacturers offer this option for enclosed trailers.

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