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They are fantastic engines. Ive got 2 now. One with 150k and one with 235k. No issues out of either of them. the big issue was the CPS. But there was a nice recall on them, and they got it fixed. So if you find one, it should have the new one. 02 and 03 7.3's were super reliable and had great power. 01's had tranny issues, but they should be corrected with the miles youre looking at. But yeh its a 300k mile+ engine. Pretty easy to work on also, so repair costs arent as bad as a duramax, or a 6.0 stroke. some will also spring oil leaks later in age, but neither of mine have. so its not guaranteed. Just keep the oil changed every 5-6k and the air filter clean and youll be set! Also fuel filter every 15k.

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