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Originally Posted by mowerbrad View Post
I'm hoping I will get the 3:73 rear end so I can get the higher MPG's, as that is one of my goals with the new truck.

I'm pretty used to the repair costs of diesels as I've had my 6.5 for the last 4 years. But I don't want to get into something that is going to be too much more to repair than my 6.5. But yet, I'm hoping I won't have to spend as much as I have been spending on my 6.5. I just don't want to be spending what I would be with a duramax. And I have heard good things about the 7.3L so it seems like a better option.
yep, if you find one. Run power sevices through it every 3 or 4 tanks, and that will keep the injectors clean.

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