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Originally Posted by SIWEL View Post
I have 3 7.3L engines for my company. One has 205, 170, and 70,000 miles. Overall they have been good trucks. Ford does have the reputation of having unreliable transmissions, but the 'newer' 1999-2003 trucks should be more figured out. The 7.3L is def. a 400,000+ motor. I do not plan on getting rid of any of my trucks, no matter the miles, before it is there time. Change the oil every 5,000 miles. Check the oil pan, they have a tendency of rotting out. The motor will most likely outlast the truck with normal PM. Every brand has expensive parts to replace vs. cheap parts. It depends on the truck. The 7.3 is very straight forward and simple compared to the duramaxes. I was a mechanic and have worked on both a lot and chose ford for a reason.
Good post, I have two 7.3l as well, 1 has 280,000 miles, the other has 113,000 miles. Good maintenance and common sense driving they have been trouble free. Cps recall and fuel bowl o-rings are the only motor related issues I have had, had to replace ball joints on both at about 110,000 miles, common issue. Both of mine are 2000 trans on the 113,000 truck is getting weak though, the standard is good....hth

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