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Originally Posted by TXNSLighting View Post
man ive only had to replace one tranny in a 7.3. and that was cuz i put a 120 hp programmer on it.i dont know where some of yal are comin up with the tranny is the weak point. you must be thinkin dodge.
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Well The company I worked for Pike Electric Inc. had about 1000 trucks. All were used for towing and most of the foreman trucks were autos. They all seemed to start pouring fluid out or slipping gears around 100k. Rear mains leaked around 150k but overall the engines never gave much problem. We then got a bunch of newer 6.0's the first batch was all 04's every single one of them had head issues , egr , and oil cooler problems. Next batch of 6.0's 05 and later never had much issues with again. I had a squirt boom auto 7.3 think it was a 01 with 300k miles on it. It was on its 2nd replaced transmission and never towed anything. Keep in mind the Engine had more hours then a normally driven 300,000 mile truck as we have to run the engine in order to work out of the bucket (Power take off unit).
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