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Originally Posted by WH401 View Post
I typed it, I know what it says, but apparently you need to reread my post as I never said the 5.9 was the best diesel engine ever put in a pick up. I simply said that MowingMan stating that the 7.3 was the best engine ever put in a pick up was a flawed opinion.
Now your just being ignorant "No doubt the 7.3 was a good engine, probably the best diesel engine ever put in a Ford. But best diesel engine ever used in a pick up of any brand?, no way. You forget about the 5.9 Cummins. Just look at the life the 5.9 had in Dodge pickups, a life that spanned almost 20 years. As far as reliability, towing ability, and overall power, the 5.9 can't be beat"(WH401 post #18).
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