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THanks for the quick reply. The snowblower is an Accra unit made in WI and the unit will engage while sitting still just like it should by flipping the PTO switch. The traction unit will shut down on movement whether or not the PTO is engaged. My unit does have around 5500 hours on it and the timing belt was replaced when I bought it @ 5100 hours. I went by visual appearances only on the switch. With the plunger out, should the switch be open or closed? If the switch checks out defective, that will be an easy remedy, but if the switch is good, what else in the circuit could go bad that is replaceable?

One more bit of info that might help you help me. Upon talking to the shop tech, He informed me that the traction unit should shut off if the motion pedal is depressed. I did not know this and my unit will move if the pedal is pressed while off of the seat. I looked for a jumpered out switch, but found none. The connector was attached as it should have been. This has me wondering that whatever was happening to let my traction unit move like that is behind it not moving now.

John Harbert
Grafton, Ohio
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