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Originally Posted by ken gustafson View Post
I acknowledge that I do not know much about many things........
So if you will read my above post...and....can shed any light on any comment I posted...PLEASE do....PLEASE.
45,000 million dollars worth of trailers are stolen each year AND that figure is at least 3 years old...
So no one pays attention until it is time to pay for new trailers and new equipment...
Is anyone aware of law enforcement...when notified of trailer theft...actually hot on doing the search for the missing trailer or tools?
Probably not, as when I worked at a dealership, we saw many customers wanting to trade in "Home-made" trailers. Actually, many were manufactured trailers that, according to the owner "registration was lost, so I ground off the VIN number, went to motor vehicle dept., and was issued a new VIN for my 'home-made' trailer". I didn't see this as much with titled trailers, but for a trailer with a transferrable registration, motor vehicle dept. has no problem issuing a VIN and registration for a 'home-made' trailer.
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