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Originally Posted by TGM View Post
you guys can't compare a modified 7.3 to STOCK vehicles.

for example, my 04 cummins with a smarty will outrun any 7.3 with a tuner. why? because a 7.3 can't make 430 rwhp with just a tuner. and a 6.0 with a good tuner will beat any 7.3 hands down. stock 7.3 powder rods can't reliably handle over 400 rear wheel horsepower anyways.

i prefer cummins. easy to modify, has more longevity than the other motors. however, if you're not into hot rodding, find whatever you like and run it. they all have their own set of problems

Yes I know a 7.3 will not beat tuned cummins or duramax that has nothing to do with this thread, the guy doesn't want to spend alot of money on a truck so for 10 to 12 grand you can get a pretty good superduty with a 7.3 and do those few mods to it and it will do anything a stock 40,000 dollar truck will do so thats what i'm trying to say here.
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