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Originally Posted by DoetschOutdoor View Post
Go to advance auto, o'rilleys', etc. and get their brands of roll on bedliner. I went to walmart and used 1.5 gallons for my 6x14 to do the floor and a foot and half up the walls. Trailer has been used hard for 2 years now and none of the anti skid has even come off! Its been sooo wet and muddy around here the past two years, we are having to spray the trailer out weekly and its holding up great. Got the heavy duty grey outdoor paint and did the rest of the walls inside and it totally finishes the trailer off. I think it was grey behr paint for the walls, black roll on bedliner for the floor and 1.5 foot up the walls.

xclusive, alot of people have had bad luck with the stick on tiles...the etreme heat combined with the mowers going in and out all day dont hold up well. Alot of them stick on tiles seem to be made for people that haul bikes around and not moving in and out alot.
Thanks Doetsch for the info. Do you have any pictures so I can see what it looks like on your trailer? Also did you have to seal the floor before or after you put down the roll on liner?
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