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3 spare trucks, which to sell? how much?

Hey guys we've been upgrading trucks over the last 3 years and have a pretty newish fleet and because of that I've got 3 trucks that get little to no use. I just don't think I need 3 spares, but I figured with the economy being slow I wouldn't get anything for them and they are worth something you know? Anyways I've figured time to sell would be here before spring right? Which would you keep? Personally I think I'd keep the f450 but it might be the more marketable truck out of the group since it's smaller. The fl60 is a great truck but with our f750 we hardly use it... also it needs a clucth but I'm going to take care of that before selling. The little f450 is a great truck, but dirty only 167k. The one I'm pretty sure I want to ditch is the 97 crewcab 4x4 it has 197k but we've been using it as a service vehicle for several years and its just too big for that, need something more like a ranger/f150.

Can yall help me decide what they're worth? I'm thinking of ebaying them but I want to know what to set the reserves at. I really value some of yalls opinions because yall wheel/deal more than I do. I don't like haggling or such so I feel like I might get taken sometimes.
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