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Originally Posted by KeystoneLawn&Landscaping View Post
Find a CPA first, then use their expertise to guide you. I found my CPA using one of Dave Ramsey's endorsed local providers. CPA's will charge more for their services than a regular tax preparer, but are well worth it. Always remember, professionals may be expensive, but not as expensive as someone who doesn't know what they are doing! Good Luck with the business.
Well said. Just be sure to check background on anyone you entrust with your books. I've had some bad 'professionals' in the past. I hired one guy from word of mouth (my uncle). Anyway, my uncle didn't know how badly this guy dealt, only knew him slightly on a personal basis hence the referral.

I was busy, two service stations operating 24/7/365 and didn't have time for books that year due to the second station. I hired this guy, and didn't check his particulars. He was the EXACT same price as another guy I had phoned before I talked to my uncle to do my year end, plus sales taxes, etc. Total hours I'd have to spend to do it for both locations would be in the 12-16 hour range. I wrote him a cheque in full, after he was working in my office for two hours. I left to tend to the other station.

I came back, and on VIDEO camera, he stole 4 cheques (I counted later) and tried to cash one for $25K that afternoon with a falsified signature of yours truly. He still hasn't been caught by police. If he hadn't gone to the bank branch that I normally deal with, where the ladies know me (don't think like that!) and my business name, I'm sure he would've gotten the money and have disappeared before it was too late.

Not only that, but he had full disclosure of my business finances and at least only a couple of my accounts. it's free for me to phone my local tax office if I have a question, but for now, I'll do my taxes myself.
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