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Ohio has sales tax on mowing service, and I like it. Because anyone who is going to deduct the expense of mowing has to have a service provider that collects and pays in sales tax. Otherwise they'll be flagged for an audit.
It's better than a license to keep out the fly-by-night operators.

It ain't like it's a tax on ME. I just collect it and pay it in to the state.

Sure it's a big PITA to operate a business. (OK, pain for my wife) With all the taxes, insurances, license etc.

More and more, the computer bases are linked. Workers Comp, IRS, Pesticide license, and insurance. And those figures had better match.
Without taxes it's all kind of toothless, and lets a lot of guys fly under the radar. Not so when you involve the IRS. "They don't mess with the IRS".

So if you're having problems with illegal labor, unlicensed competition and the like you can learn to appreciate a sales tax.
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