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Originally Posted by Dirtman2007 View Post
I have a question, what happens if you hit a stump thats covered in grass or vines? does it lock up and stall the machine, brake something or what?
it may stall a low flow machine but it will not on a high flow machine like mine, it will cut it off. I cut off a fire hydrant level with the ground and it never missed a beat, had a couple of big notches in the blades, (and some brown stuff in the seat) But it didn`t stall. The only time mine ever stalled was when i hit a car rim and it got bound up on top of the blades and the top of the cutter, I had to take a sledge hammer and beat it out. it`s amazing what you can cut with this cutter, but you have to be careful because it throws things with a vengence. i`ve learned that mine mostly throws everything to the left.
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