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At the risk of an attempted hijack, I've got a few questions about this style of cutter(Davco,Ammbusher,repainted Fecon,etc) I do alot of mowing and I'm using a tractor at present. I would really like to get a tracked skid and a davco. I turn down alot of work that this type of cutter would be great at. But I'm gun shy about the carrier. I was strongly leaning towards a ASV SR80/
PT80 high flow for this. I'm finding them just too pricey for my taste. What would be a good compromise of either ctl of wheeled unit with OTT's? I'd be using it for about 50% mowing and the rest normal skid work( forks,dirtwork,grapple). Is high flow a must? I was interested in Ted's comment about what to do with the tree when down. I was figuring to lift the cutter and then lower it into the brush. Is there any reason not to do this? Sorry for the Hijack Chris.

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