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Originally Posted by Vogel-Landscaping View Post
so i been looking for a cheap used dump all winter to add to my fleet. i want to keep the overhead low becasue all my equipment is paid off except 1 truck. i finally came across a 2003 f450 diesiel mason dump extended cab white color in great condition. has about 80,000 miles on it. gonna have it checked out to make sure its in good condition. best part about it is that its 16,000. i was wanting to spend between 15-25. a few deals past me by so far. but with this extra money from the snow and my tax return form last year ill be good to go. going to see it tomorrow. wish me luck!
Good luck...I hope it works out for ya...I'm still looking myself....

Originally Posted by DJJS View Post
exactly what I was thinking! Too bad its "wrong" I wouldnt mind paying them 20 bucks to do a few of our annoying customers lol everybody always wants to be first
You're telling me.....All of my customers are always so patient when it comes to their lawns, leaves, etc. when we get rain and such, but when it comes to snow its a whole different impatient. It's all good though!
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