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Originally Posted by lawnlandscape View Post
At first this sounded like a good idea. I do this with my snow removal guys in winter. If they show up for every snow fall and are still with me at the end of the season, and have not been fired for a preformance issue, they get $5 for every hour they worked on snow removal for the entire winter season.

The ONLY problem I see with this is.. What if something happens, like train blocks road for 20 min, or something breaks and they fixed it on-site. Then your own bonus, turns into your employees going as fast as they can to finish, not doing a quality job.

If I was an employee with a system like this, I would feel like someone i always on top of me also.
If the train thing happened, a simple phone call would cover them. Same with the broken equipment. If they are somewhat responsible and coherent, there is no excuse for no communication.
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