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Originally Posted by MackCat View Post
it may stall a low flow machine but it will not on a high flow machine like mine, it will cut it off. I cut off a fire hydrant level with the ground and it never missed a beat, had a couple of big notches in the blades, (and some brown stuff in the seat) But it didn`t stall. The only time mine ever stalled was when i hit a car rim and it got bound up on top of the blades and the top of the cutter, I had to take a sledge hammer and beat it out. it`s amazing what you can cut with this cutter, but you have to be careful because it throws things with a vengence. i`ve learned that mine mostly throws everything to the left.
Sounds good, thanks for the tip. I'm looking forward to trying it out the end of this week. What size and HP machine are you using your mower on?

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