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Originally Posted by Dirtman2007 View Post
Ok the Taks like 99Hp and has 26 GPM. Man I want to try it now haha!

If it does work I foresee buying one in the near future. I'm seeing more of a need for this kind of work around here as far as property maintenance.

another question:

Have you noticed and additional wear to the tracks from driving over all the sharp stumps and sticks?
There is alot of need for this type of service , i`ve been doing alot of lots in developments where they are so thick that people can`t see what the lots look like so i go in and grind all the underbrush and smaller trees then they can see what the lot looks like. after i done a bunch of lots in a golf course they sold 3 $350,000 lots so now they want to do a bunch more
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