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Originally Posted by DLAWNS View Post
You're telling me.....All of my customers are always so patient when it comes to their lawns, leaves, etc. when we get rain and such, but when it comes to snow its a whole different impatient. It's all good though!
i hear that. everyone wants you out as soon as the snow stops. i cant do over 50 customers in the first hour after the snow stops lol!! i ususally require 24 hrs after the storm stops to get everything done. most of the time i get done before that but its rough when the storm ends at like 8 at night im out all night doing businesses then the residentials come the next day and ppl dont like waiting till 8oclock at night. but if we dont get to someone and they get that 20 dollar kid to do it for them its ok. they are on the list for next time. we just rotate them higher in the list. we wont make the same ppl wait all the time each storm. but the priority customers pay more because they want to be done first. life in the big city i guess? lol
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