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I can't even believe this is being revisited. You guys are exactly on to something that had been discussed HEAVILY with our state reps. The people that will REALLY benefit off this is the guys that are doing this illegitimately - the ones operating "under the radar". Many clients will go for the cheaper price - MUCH cheaper price - leaving all us taxpaying businesses holding an empty bag. Well,...guess what...with a decline in business, so will there be a decline in the amount of state income tax we will be paying. THEN let's see how much overall tax revenue will be going to the state. We marched on our state capitol in 2008, and we were effective....they saw the light. we divided into groups and went into the offices of our state reps and they listened with open ears. the idea behind this rally was to put faces behind the term "landscape industry".
She should have gotten the message then....but now, as she's on her way out,...perhaps it's just that she does not care. Tell a person once, and shed some light on that which they do not know or realize, - we can call that innocent ignorance. But to have to tell someone twice - after they KNOW the facts and the results it could have? that is shear stupidity.

Thank you, Dad - for always being the dad that you were. You truly are my hero. You always were.
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