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Load assist or bags?

Hey guys, Im new to the site and Im triing to get my rig right. I have a Ram 1500 4x4, 200 gal. lesco space saver, and a push spreader. The spreader is hanging off the back of the truck on a hitch mount. Obviously the 1500 cant haul the tank on its own without help. Do you guys think I would be better off using airbags or load assist. I can get them both for about the same price, so price isnt a factor.I know some are going to say to get a trailer but Im not interested in doing that due to parking in front of some of these houses is pretty tight. Im guessing the tank full will be around 2200lbs, I would also need to put a couple hundred lbs of fert. That would put almost 3000 lbs in the bed of the truck. Thanks in advance.
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