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Originally Posted by lawnlandscape View Post
I would not want my employees to call me every time they get stuck behind a train, or something brakes that they are able to fix, or they had to stop and put a band-aid on a bloody finger. I'm running a business, I'm not babysitting.

I'm at a house talking to a potential customer trying to get them to agree to a $10,000 landscaping job, and my phone rings and my employee interrupts me to tell me there is a train and that's why they will be back later.

Keep time sheets, get GPS, and don't worry about your employees constantly. If you hired good people, they will do what they gotta do, and if you think something is up, look up the GPS records.
In the context of snow removal, which is how i took your original post, a call into the office if someone is going to be late, just as a heads up is one thing. If the crew is mowing lawns, and they get stuck at a train, not as big of a deal. Also, if a plow breaks, it is usually a bigger problem than when a line trimmer or mower breaks down. Different level of urgency of service etc. So if one of my plows goes down, then it usually warrants a call.

Overall, there are some things that will put a hiccup into any system, however, it all averages out in the end, and if the crews are working hard, their results will show it.
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