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Originally Posted by Bleed Green View Post
Ya that is what I was thinking didn't the guy learn his lesson. LOL I was waiting for him to tip again.
I didn't think that was a Terex production but it was, I think it made them look bad. I wouldn't say it gave them good publicity unless they were trying to say that even after they fail they get back up and try again.
I actually called a sales guy back at the ASV when I first saw this because just like you I was wondering if this was a sanctioned terex video. It is not approved by Terex. The dubbed skid steer video is actually from a test track at ASV, but it was on the web before somewhere else and just dubbed onto the Russian video.

It was a bunch of knuckleheaded Russian salesmen from a Russian Terex dealership who had never even run so much as a skid steer before (I think the video demonstrates the fact that they had no clue what they were doing). People who run skids or CTLs understand the concept of carrying your load or attachments as low as possible.
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