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Originally Posted by AtoZ View Post
My '03 drives the exact same as my '05. I think you guys are missing the boat - we're not debating that these engines can go the distance, they can. It's the fact that you will have major components to replace every 100,000 to 150,000 miles or sooner. I feel sorry for the guys that have to replace their injection systems on their 7.3, 6.6 and 5.9's. My 7.3 ate water pumps for breakfast. Unless you guys are Harvard Business Graduates and you've figured out how to outsmart the bean counters and Ford and GM - doubtful, it just doesn't make business sense to fix old pickups... You guys must not care about downtime and lost revenue, not to mention higher operating expenses with older vehicles. I can see if you use older vehicle for a backup but not a primary road worthy vehicle for everyday use.

It just doesn't make sense... I choose to run late model trucks for a reason. It makes financial sense!!!
Just cause it is a newer truck doesn't mean it doesn't break down, my buddy's 06 F250 blew his tranny at 90,000kms and it was in the ford dealer for 3 weeks and they wouldn't give him a loaner he had to buy a corgo van because he needs a truck everyday he is a plumber. and another guy I know with his 06 f250 has been in the shop more then mine with injector problems and turbo problems.. and even my neighbors 06 has been in the shop with turbo problems.
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