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I'm not interested in the new diesel for obvious reasons (urea injection, V8 design, twin turbos, etc - not to start anything!)
this is not a twin turbo diesel. its a twin compressor single turbo unit. this will be a fact of life for all new diesels. and the urea injection will only come into play when the motor is under load. at idle and light load the emissions are clean enough to pass epa regs without any added urea. when your towing or heading up a big hill and the motor needs more fuel thats when the urea kicks in to reduce emissions. the service intervals for urea will be around 5K miles.

If Ford can match this engine properly to a six speed automatic, I'd think of picking one up.
fords auto is going to be the new 6 speed torqshift regardless of engine choice. its a selectable auto as well. the current 5 speed torqshifts are excellent and i dont see why the 6 speeds would be any different.

p.s. i currently own ford and chevy trucks and have owned dodges in the past. i feel like i have to make this statement every time to not start a war lol
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