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Good to hear all the folks with the heavier axles. Sounds like it's a no brainer for me.

It's just sad that they will stop you and find you are overweight (fine) with 3500K axles, but with the same load and not overwieght with 5200 or 6000K axles you will incurr an even larger fine for not having a CDL (if you are pulling with a vehicle that puts your total GVWR over 26,001.)

My problem with being "over" my GVWR with the larger axles is really a non issue simply because of the gvwr of my chevy 3500HD is 20K aready. Even with my current trailer at 7K gvwr I'm over... Of course they won't be changing the laws to be more "common sence" because it's a huge revenue generator for the states. And say if the made it legal to tow any trailer with the max of a 1 ton truck with no CDL you KNOW that there would be haulers everywhere dropping back to a 1 ton and overloading the hell out of it to stay away from the CDL nstead of using a larger truck.
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