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Originally Posted by Jason Rose View Post
What size are your axles? Tandem only. I'm looking at 20' models and sooo many come standard with 3,500 lb axles. Isn't that silly? A good strong built trailer that size is going to weigh around 3K empty alone, then when you add 3 zero turn mowers, in my case a 61" grasshopper and two Walkers, you are pushing those little axles to the limit. Some trailer places think I'm dumb for waning larger 5,200lb axles and others say it's really smart and something that to many overlook. I just saw another post in the pics forum of a guys brand new 20' enclosed, with 3500lb axles... why???? Just to save a couple hundred bucks up front... and 2 or 3 years down the road when they are tweaked and the brakes have been replaced twice you end up replacing both axles completely. I've been down that road, and not making that mistake again.

But, heres the kicker... The DOT makes it rough on people that want a "proper" trailer to haul their load. Once you get a heavier axled trailer, and pulling it with a 1 ton truck, you are likely over your max GVW and now you need a CDL to drive your damn pickup and lawn trailer on the road. So guys have to buy trailers with undersized axles and max them out to be legal... 7K total weight on a 7K trailer axles is ok legally, but not right mechinacally. 7K on a 10K trailer is smart and safer, but illegal to tow with certian trucks without a CDL. It dosn't pay to be safe?


Jason, in the state of KS you have up to 26,000 LBs of GVWR for a vehicle or if you towing the same amount (26,000) of the combined truck and trailer before you need a CDL.

Are you sure adding a bigger trailer would exceed that?
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