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Correct, mine is 15,000, but I tagged it at 20K because that's what the previous owner had it tagged at.

Now, depending on who you ask you get different answers. The DOT compliance enforcement guy said that they go by what the vehicle is tagged at, so mine would be 20K. But the next person says it's the number on the door jam that the DOT goes by???

His example of WRONG was if you put your GVWR of your vehicle (a half ton used in the example) on the side of your door as "6950 GVRW". He said that's incorrect and that it should be 12,000 because that's what your license plate says. Going by that I should have mine listed as 20K, but that's without the trailer....

Why in the hell can't someone just say "THIS IS HOW IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE DONE"!?!? Digging through the DOT websites you can't find much more than miles of "legal-eze" and then everyone you talk to has a different answer...

Is the weight on your TAG supposed to be the same as the trucks GVWR or the total of both truck and trailer you normally pull?

as you can tell, I'm not following the "rules". Like 95% of the other LCOs around here I don't have DOT numbers. However I'd still rather be as "legal" as I can be so if something does happen I'm not totally boned.
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