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Originally Posted by meets1 View Post
My bobcat dealer calls today wondering if I would be willing to trade my S205. Maybe.......... well he has someone interested in a low hour machine and would like to look at the machine tomorrow. He doesn't have anything on his lot under 2000 hours and 1/2 of them are track machines.

He tells me the new M series is coming out with a machine similar to mine this summer. But to get a great deal bobcat (not himself) must have a lot of inventory of the old series left and wanting to get rid off. He told me right out that they would be $4-5 K less for this machine and let the new M series work out the bugs for a year or two and then trade in again say about in 2-3 years.

No dollar amount has been discussed but is it worth the look at the M or get another S205.

I will stick with bobcat as they are in town and so is NH but I don't like that machine so were sticking with BC.

I demoed the s630 it will beat the balls off the s205 but its also a bigger machine then the 205. I own 2 s205 machine a g series and a k series its a really nice machine. Bobcat is giving incredible rebates on old inventory you can probably save some big money. I cant see there being that many bugs to be work out on the m series. I'm looking to trade in my g series 205 on the new m series.
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