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Originally Posted by SangerLawn View Post
Finally….a intelligent person!!!! I am proud of you!!!! You didn’t just listen to someone else’s thought, get pissed, then post a false statement….you actually checked in to it and found people really are trying to help on this web site…

Honestly not being a smart ars…just giving you a pat on the back….wish more people would do what you did….good job

In all honesty the only reason I called was because I ran over one with a mower in my customers driveway one day and the rock shot out and chipped a car door that was parked.

I was going pretty quick but I saw the entire bag shoot out into the car. I was so damn pissed. It was some cleaning company. I paid for the car door and called the company who left it to let them know if I ever saw their trash again I would be calling the cops.
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