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Originally Posted by Skidsteerman View Post
I don't think a Deere salesman posted this video link thread up.

If your referring to my comment about the anti-work valve nick name, understand I did not mention the brand of said nick name belonged to. However, I'm quite sure you can find threads on this site asking how to adjust said valve so the unit WILL at least preform. I did not initiate the comment about the anti-work valve either, just stated what one of the Deere guys nick named it. I don't follow how this has anything to do with the class of someone.

I could go on how one of the Deere guys nicked named a couple different brand track drive sprocket a Squirrel cage / hamster wheel and a couple different brand CTL idler pulleys Pizza cutters. Do these things offended you in some manor? They are not intended to, they are just intended for humor. I'm sure the competitors have nick names for things on the Deere machines and if I heard them I would more then likely laugh about them as well.
I remember when we had plastic engine side covers and the competitors would tell customers to come down here and tap on them...LOL...I would take them off on run over it with my truck and show them how the did not break.
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