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Originally Posted by britelights View Post
I have a question for Michael in do you get the best deal on Disney tickets? After alot of research, we ended up buying ours on Ebay. It worked out fine, but in the end I still didn't know if I could have done better buying them locally once I got to Orlando.
This is actually a hot topic down here as with the economic downturn, many people have been taking advantage of the 50 million plus people that come to our community to go to Disney. With that said the most secure place is to go through Disney themselves so you do not get ripped off.
Florida Hospital also is a good place to check. Disney as part of their community giving allows Florida Hospital to purchase tickets at discount and in return sell the tickets for a discount for fundraising for organization like Childrens Miracle Network.

I agree with you that renting, especially down here has its advantages. If you look through craigslist there is usually people from down here looking to make trades of homes for a week or two just so they can go somewhere else.
Finding rentals really cheap is still sometimes hard because of rules that tax residents more if their renters are not in the property for at least so many months.

Sorry for rambling and I hope I made sense, it has been a long day and I have stayed up way to late doing some research.

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