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Thats why theres fewer and fewer good operators anymore everybody is spoiled with their fancy tools they think they need. Don't get me wrong there is a time and place for grapples, thumbs and breakers, but as they say poors people have poor ways and run what you brun. All I own is forks and bucket and I would clean it all it with a bucket, plus if the foundation is good you can use it to push the last little bit up against to load. Plus the pics Krazy Cajan has of cleaning of the shed, I've done the same thing tearing down garages with just forks. But then after watching your videos I'm wore out just watching.

Maybe next time instead of the cost of a grapple, cost of double-triple handling the stuff, dangers of piles setting around plus job looks like sh**t with trash piled up you could save that money and put towards a dumpster for couples weeks while you demo.

I'd also hate to pay the dump fee on that one with all the dirt, cinders and brick it looks like you have mixed in. Maybe get access to the 337 with thumb if you wanted.
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