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Starting Over...

Well. They say most business don't last the first year. We did! Then yesterday our partnership dissolved. Found out he was invoicing work that he never did and said he did. Anyways... Its back to Sole Proprietorship for me. I lost my new equipment but kept all the accounts except for one large commercial account. Suppose its back to the roots that started the business for me. Door to door, push mower, and residential. I defiantly learned my lesson to not get into a partnership in this business. They can work...and quite well...just make sure you get a good partner.

Question: "If I got my DBA as a Sole, and then got a second DBA as a partnership without canceling the first I should be good to go, to revert back to running under my sole DBA? Just should send a letter to dissolve the partnership DBA?"

Correct me if I'm wrong but in the state of Texas I don't need any other license to operate a sole proprietor business in this industry. Unless I choose to get an applicators license...for pest control, or irrigation license for the obvious.

What else am I missing?

Anyone know where I can go to find information on starting a business. Is there a city/county department that handles startup businesses or small businesses.

Man is my motivation shot! Any good input would be greatly appreciated.

Oh well atleast I gained 48% of my business back. 80% to me and 20% back to the company = 100% Sanity! Im so ready for that to come back.

Back on the Grind
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