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plow money

Originally Posted by Royalslover View Post
Hey now, first of all that plow was on the south side of $6000 not $8000. I lost out on $1000 becuse of my old crappy truck and old crappy plow. Did I want to borrow money? no but I sure didn't have the cash. In the next eight years that thing will pay for it's self many times over. I've been mowing for 22 years and have bought many mowers-some with my money,some with the bank's money. I have never once regretted bowrowing money for equipment. Hey wright-did you get that info we were talking about?
I couldn't agree more. I bought my Boss V back in 2003 and just put my 1st cutting edge on it this year. It has made us plenty of money over the years and have long since paid of the Sheffield loan we had on it.
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