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I just grabbed tags for what I used last season. The Lesco Park & Atheltic is 34% Prosport II perennial rye, 29% Shamrock KBG, 20% Foxfire Creeping Red Fesque and 15% Lacrosse Chewing Fescue.

The Team Mates Plus is 30% Biltmore Tall, 20% Pardre Tall, 20%Magellan Tall, ?20%? Notable Perennial Rye and 10% Shamrock KBG. Not sure about the Notable percent..tag is kinda beat up..and other/inert it missing off that tag.

Not saying either are ideal but they worked for me.

I've been moving more toward the TTTF for poor soil/drought areas on customer lawns and my own because if you can get it though the first year, it will grow about anywhere...maybe not thrive, but it will grow. And it stays a nice dark green even without fert.
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