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Originally Posted by SouthSide Cutter View Post
Dont let anybody tell you oil is oil and grease is grease. There is a difference. Anybody that has seen a race mtr apart and been run on diff oils, and any shaft that has been on diff grease knows there is a big diff. And if you think ANY winning team in Nascar,Indy Car, Formula 1 or any top sport just walks over to Wal-Mart and buys the Tech stuff your on drugs. I run the green Lucas, it aint cheap but never have had spindle or bearing failure.

Little dramatic dont you think? We are talking about zerts on mowers not race cars.

Grease is grease when it comes to what we are using it for. No reason at all to go out and spend 6 or 7 dollars on a tube when you can get the same thing for 2 bucks.
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