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Originally Posted by dtc0207 View Post
OK Benefits of a solid shaft trimmer:better acceleration, more torque, less power loss between engine and head
Benefits of cable: lighter, more durable a the cable can give a little, holds grease better, cheaper, less vibration
Actually they tout the steel shaft as being lighter, and the specs support that. Go figure.

Also, I seriously doubt one is going to wear out the shaft on these things before the other components have become useless. These are $200-$300 machines, splurge and buy a new one every few years guys. The engine repairs and replacements are where the money is anyway. In a business that grosses $40,000 or more per trimmer in the fleet, it's hardly worth thinking about to spend maybe $100/year on trimmers in order to have reliable ones that don't eat up your time with repairs and maintenance.
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