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Originally Posted by Groomer View Post
I guess I'm one of the "oldies"! Strictly residential, with a smattering of small professional offices, all on a tight route. Generally handle around 100 accounts per season. We offer much and light landscape as well, but I sub out snow and fert. A friend runs a landscape/hardscape service, and gets my work for larger installs. All my properties are within 3 miles of my home, and most are "cluster cuts". (2, 4, maybe 6 or more together). I've seen the good times, the boom times. Today its location, some areas and regions have fared far better than others economically. I'm lucky to have kept my niche, and thankful for that, cause I still love the work.
From just the lil information you posted, it sounds like your biz. is where I want mine to go. I know several lawn guys that are making very very good money doing about 100-125 resi/commercial mix with a very tight route. The owner/operator and one helper can clean up with that number of yards on a very tight route.
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