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I just get tired of everyone always crying on this site about lowballers, equipment cost to much, the 10 year old stole half my accounts, I can't make any money because my cost are too high, the economy is too bad, everyone with a mower can cut grass, half my competiters don't have a license or insurrance, the mexicans work for $5 dollars a yard, my workers stole my equipment or accounts, and the list gos on and on. Maybe the problem is, that people focus on why they cant succeed and don't seek solutions to make their business profitable. Let me add that ProCut is right about everything he said, I'm not trying to argue that hes not. But look at companys like etwman's EarthTurf&Wood. He is an inspiration to everyone that looks at his thread. He has found a way to be the best at what he does and make money. A few points that people need to know, if they don't allready know are: You don't need a $45,000 truck to pull a lawnmower. Yes Big 4500 diesel trucks have a place, but not just to pull lawnmowers around. I see it all the time. You can buy a good used truck for a fraction of the price of a new one. Buy a shop instead of renting one. Then you don't need to throw away money every month, but you actually have an asset to your name. Use Credit wisely, If your outgo excedes your income, then your upkeep will be your downfall. You can buy a good new ztr for a lot less than $10,000. Also, if you are new and have 10 lawns you don't need two new ztrs and a 20ft trailer. We have all seen that happen. How many people do we see on here with all brand new equipment for sale because they were stupid with credit and can't afford payments anymore? Also, like a lot of people are saying, it is more profitable to work solo. If you cant do good enough work, that people would rather have the neighbors kid cut the yard for $10 dollars, then maybe you should work on something. Also, people should give the kids a break, because half of us were at one time those kids mowing lawns with a 21" and a crappy weedeater. I could go on all day of the stupid things people do and wonder why they don't make money, but i said enough. I'm sorry if i pissed anyone off, I didn't mean too. I just wanted to get my 2 cents worth in. I know different things work for different people in differnt areas of the country. I don't like people whinning about how hard this business is, when the only real problem is that they don't know anything about business. Like I said, don't get pissed at me for what i said. You can make good money in this business, and if you can't, i'll see you are the drivethrough when i come by Mcdonalds.
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