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I have two a 260, a 261T and a 265T which I bought last summer. I like both the older trimmers, except for the "cold naturedness" they both exhibited. I had the carb replaced on both and that took care of that problem.

I bought the 265 while one of the others was in the shop, as I am a firm believer in Murphy's Law. The 265 runs great, starts easier than the older models, and has plenty of power, but I do not like the new handle configuration. I replaced the stock loop handle with a new flex type which was used on the older units, but the shaft handle you are pretty well stuck with. For some reason, it is made substantially thicker than the older models, and, in my opinion, is much less comfortable to use for long periods. It is probably one of those things where if it was the only one you had ever used, you would think it is great, but after using the older style for close to 10 years, it sucks.

Some improvements really are, some aren't, and I don't thnk the newer looking handles are. I really think the change was made to "modernize" the look. They are almost identical to the Stihl, just from looking at the two.
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