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Originally Posted by darryl gesner View Post
You don't know me yet you call me a miserable SOB because I don't appreciate people throwing litter on my property? Give me a break. You get personal based on my comment. I didn't personally attack you. That's not only disrerspectful but it adds more credibility to what others have said that you're a scrub. You need to learn the meaning of the word respect, grow up, get a real marketing plan, and stop throwing trash in people's dirveways!!!!!!!!

I think I know what the A stands for in your company name.
More wine with that cheese? C'mon dude, you're the one that started getting all defensive with the "gonna throw it back at you" comment, so don't make this I'm the bad guy here. If you can't take someone defending themselves against your uptight ass, then don't post garbage in the first place. And way to bring others in the arguement so you can help your case. But I guess your the type that feels the need to do this huh? And whoever you chatted to or the posts you supposedly saw that made you assume I'm a "scrub", does'nt know jack.
Sorry my defending myself got you all in a tissy. Look at all your personal insults in your last post. All I did was respond to your uptight remark. Again, sorry to get you riled up.
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