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You're hopeless dude. You can throw trash at me but you have a problem with me throwing it back? Wake up. Nobody want's your damn flyer tossed in their driveway.

Find a more professional way to deliver it. You're the guy littering, you're the guy name calling. I'm just throwing the trash back where it came from.'s a lousy idea. Don't you have any pride? Is that what you really want the first impression of your company to be...people saying to themselves, "who's the jerk who is making me bend over to pick up this piece of trash." Is that how you shop for a repair shop, a plumber, a building contractor, daycare for you kids....go look in your driveway for flyers? Professionals don't advertise that way!!!!!!! You've asked for advice and you've gotten's low, it's stupid and it's illegal.
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