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Need some help from others in lawn care and landscaping

I been in lawn care and lanscaping for 8 years full-time I have some questions need some help. I cut 150 lawns (100 weekly 50 Bi-week). I have one full-time guy with me for the past 2 years but he is not happy. we work avg of 50 hrs during peak season he is on the books gets paid 13 dollars a hour plus overtime (way to much but its keeping him with me cause he cant get that kind of money any where else starting out) hear is my problem. I have tried getting new workers but they do not last long and we can work faster with out them. The guy with me now will prob be leaving after this season. im wondering what do the rest of you guys do to keep guys coming back year after year? my helper likes his job but he has said that he can not make it thru the winter with just unemployment. He is a hard worker very hard worker and it seems like any good hard work he wants 40 hours a week year round and benifits. So how do you guys keep good workers? I have more then enough work for 2 crews but its hard enough to keep guys to work and im out running the crew now. I allways have had dreams of getting BIG!! but sometimes i think i was happier and made more money solo. Please HELP and or tell me how you operate solo, runing crews, or are you out with the crew working as well??
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